Four Ways a Healthy Brain Makes Life Better

Brain health is a popular topic these days. It seems like every malady or remedy is somehow tied back to brain science, whether from a scientifically rigorous study or some j.v., b.s., w.t.f. claim. I think we can all agree that the fat between your ears is pretty important, but let’s be specific – how does a healthy grey prune enhance your life?

4. Better Work – This is a no-brainer (yes, intended, and you’re welcome). More focus, better processing, less stress, the absence of negative emotions, a strong memory — these are key ingredients for a creative, productive, emotionally balanced work life.

3. Better Sleep – Healthy brain equals healthy sleep. Why? Fewer concerns to preoccupy you, healthier coping mechanisms, more time allotted for sleep, and a focus on diet and exercise, which makes The Sandman happy.

2. Better Sex – The largest sex organ? Cool your jets, Sparky, it’s your brain. And in order to keep the fires burning in the bedroom, it’s vital that your brain is in top condition. A fatigued, stressed out, sluggish brain equals a strain on your funky time as well.

1. Better Life – Think of your “good life” – it probably includes some recipe of financial security, healthy relationships, physical performance, emotional balance, a rational perspective, and creative exploration – all require a brain that performs at a high level. We tend to spend more time focused on the maintenance of our car’s engine than we do our brain. Don’t you think it’s time to devote some energy to Central Command of your life?

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