Five Reasons to Get a HeadCheck

Look, we know taking tests is probably not your leisure activity of choice. It isn’t ours, either. But according to the Stones’ seventh best song, you can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes you just might find, with HeadCheck, you get what you need.

So, we present to you the five best reasons to get a HeadCheck:

5. It’s cheap. You could spend three to five grand to learn that nothing is wrong with your noggin. How about spend three hundred to learn if you even need a deeper level of assessment?

4. It’s quick. Full neuropsychological batteries can take two or three days to complete. We’ll get you in and out in an hour and change.

3. It’s valid. If you’re interested in your brain function, you’ve probably tried online tests or taken a screen in a magazine or something. They’re fun, but no medical professional would take them seriously. Our tests are scientifically validated and used often in medical and psychological circles. No one is going to blow off our results.

2. It’s a baseline. The most common complaint from neurologists and neuropsychologists: we don’t know how they were before the (injury, illness, crisis, etc.). If you get in a car accident and lose memory, how is anyone to know how much memory was lost unless they have a baseline? And the applications shoot up from there.

1. It’s loving. I have friends who have been with a loved one who suffered an illness or trauma and they just want answers. How impared is she? How much did he lose? How much can he do now, and where does he need to improve? These are normal questions, and a HeadCheck helps people answer these questions quickly.

No one is saying assessments are fun, although we have friendly people, comfortable chairs, you get a lollipop with every HeadCheck, and a t-shirt to boot, but the answers above are more important.

Knowing your brain helps you and everyone around you. Get a mental health checkup with us or someone else. But since no one else offers a better HeadCheck, come here first.


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