The Original Mental Health Checkup

Check Between Your Ears Every Two Years

WHO: You know that a balance between physical, cognitive, emotional, and relational wellness is essential for a meaningful life. We are experienced professionals committed to helping you get there. Want to buy a HeadCheck® for a friend or family member? We can do that.

WHAT: HeadCheck® is a confidential 60-minute appointment with a trained expert using precise instruments to screen and set baselines for 50+ dimensions of cognitive, emotional, and relational health. We’ll follow up with a detailed overview of your current psychological functioning and make wellness suggestions as needed. We’ll even send our report to your physician if you’d like.

WHEN: We recommend you get your HeadCheck® baseline and screening measures today, and come back for regular checkups every two years.

WHERE: Our office is in the Playhouse District, in the heart of Pasadena. We can travel to your office in the Pasadena area if you’d prefer. Call for more info.

WHY: Because your mental health is everything. Most people leave HeadCheck® with the peace of mind that everything is okay. Sometimes we spot depression or anxiety, problems with memory, attention, or concentration, challenges with work or relationships or several other areas. These things happen, and it’s good to catch a problem as soon as possible. When we do find an issue we’ll guide you to the help you need. HeadCheck® also establishes a baseline: if you have impairment in the future (due to stroke, head injury, dementia, etc), your functioning will be compared to these HeadCheck® scores, which is tremendously valuable to your long-term health care.

HOW: 1. Give us a call or write us an email. We’ll schedule you as soon as possible – we  have openings on weekdays and Saturdays. 2. Come in to take our fun, friendly, one-hour measure. 3. Get fast and helpful feedback verbally and in writing from our Board Certified Clinical Psychologist. 4. See us again in two years.

HOW MUCH: $299. Most PPO insurance plans will reimburse your cost and health savings plans are welcomed. Consider that Pasadena neuropsychologists often charge $4000 and test for 3 full days for a thorough psychological assessment battery. We use many of the same screening instruments at a fraction of the time and cost.

Come get your HeadCheck® today. Take measures for a meaningful life!


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