HeadCheck is a new service tackling an age-old question: how do we measure up mentally? The common questions are below, but if you have more please drop us a line.

What does HeadCheck measure?

HeadCheck is a screening and baseline measure for 50 dimensions of mental health covering three primary areas: cognition, psychology, and quality of life. The cognitive or “thinking” portion screens for problems like attention, memory, and processing speed. The psychological screen identifies issues with depression, anxiety, anger, interpersonal sensitivity, and many others. The quality of life screen explores several dimensions including family, money, health, love, and self-esteem. We also conduct a brief interview to cover any other areas unique to you.

Why screening and baseline?

A screen is a test for the presence of a problem. We hope that our quick and affordable measures find that your scores fall within normal limits (WNL), as compared with the thousands of people who have taken them before. If your scores in any dimension fall outside this WNL range, we’ll recommend options to address these problems either with us, your physician, or your therapist.

In addition, when you take your first HeadCheck you are establishing your baseline for each of these dimensions. Let’s say you are in a car accident next week and a head injury results in memory loss. Your memory will probably be tested at that time, but without baseline data no one can be certain exactly how impaired your memory is. Your HeadCheck baseline will be a valuable resource any time you have questions about your mental health. We also recommend that you return for HeadChecks every two years, and when you do we’ll have not only the statistical norms to compare you to, but your own baseline which gives us a much better idea of your wellness.

How is this different than online tests?

We like online tests too, but HeadCheck is different in four crucial ways:

First, our measures are administered face-to-face with a trained psychological professional who will observe, listen, and ask the right questions. The personal touch matters….a lot.

Second, our measures are well-respected, scientifically valid tools that have been used in psychological assessment for decades. Meanwhile, a college intern wrote that four-question online ADHD test yesterday.

Third, our confidential, one-page report overseen by a Board Certified Psychologist can immediately drop into your medical file (and we recommend it does). Try asking your MD to add a Lumosity game or “Which Angry Bird are You?” to your official records.

Fourth, if your therapist or MD has a question about our findings or recommendations, we’ll be glad to speak with them. We’re local, we’re available, and we care.

Who gets to see the results?

You. All rules of confidentiality apply, so you determine who gets to see. We recommend you share the report with your MD and therapist, but that’s your call. We’ll keep a secure copy of the results in our files for your return for a two-year HeadCheck or in case you have a mental health crisis that would benefit from the baseline scores. Again, that’s all up to you.

Why $299?

That’s cheap for psychological assessment. For comparison – Pasadena neuropsychologists can charge up to $4000 to administer a full battery of tests that may take several days when there may not be a significant problem. How about a cheaper, quicker screening device to help determine whether or not you even need the whole shebang? To use a medical analogy; we’re like a routine blood screen, while they’re an MRI. Come here first to see if there’s anything to be concerned about.

Is this a legal document?

Yes, but. As a psychological screening protocol overseen by a licensed psychologist, this is an official, valid process that has a place in your medical records. But if you’re seeking an evaluation for worker’s compensation, disability, child custody, educational or employment concerns, or any criminal or civil proceedings, we will gladly refer you to someone who conducts those assessments. We are for people who are concerned about their mental health for the sake of their mental health, we aren’t the best fit for people seeking assessments for legal matters.

Will you really come to my office?

Yes. We can arrange to travel to your place of business to administer your HeadCheck, or you’re welcome to come to ours. Here’s an even better idea. Have your HR department contact us to come for several hours to administer HeadChecks to your whole staff at a discounted rate for a special Mental Health Day incentive. Again, all confidentiality rules apply, the boss won’t see the results. We’ll even customize the assessment if requested. It’s a great way to promote company-wide wellness!



Will this help me get dates? 

Of course! Everyone wants to date someone who takes their mental health seriously! In fact, you should probably make sure your dates have had a HeadCheck too!

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