The Quest for WNL

wnlOur one-hour experience measures over 40 dimensions of mental health, from life satisfaction to psychosis and many points in between. Those sixty intense minutes have two goals Рspot areas of concern and set a point of comparison for future measures. Find red flags and set baselines. Not thrilling, but incredibly important.

This isn’t a Mensa entrance exam or a Jeopardy qualifier. Success for HeadCheck is ruling out problems, not proclaiming your superiority. You know that relief when your dentist says “no cavities, see you in six months”? Or your MD’s office calls to say your blood work is normal? That’s what we’re shooting for here. Everything checks out. Keep up the good work. Have a lollipop.

In a field flooded with acronyms, we’re aiming for a big one: WNL – Within Normal Limits. No major problems, no need for treatment. You’re still unique and vulnerable to occasional discomfort and hardship, as is common for every “normal” person, but there isn’t ¬†a major obstacle that causes distress for you or those around you.

WNL is what we like to see, but if we find some yellow or red flags we’ll guide you to the help you need. We’re well-connected and respected in the San Gabriel Valley, so finding good help shouldn’t be a problem. Life is better WNL. We’ll help you get there.